BROCK, LLC Implements Cetec ERP and Expands Their Business at a Hyper-Growth Rate

At BROCK, LLC, employees and admins alike are unified after the successful implementation of the cloud-based Cetec ERP system just one year ago. From sales to accounting to engineering, BROCK users find Cetec ERP a logical, intuitive tool to manage their entire business.

BROCK, LLC is a manufacturer of hot mix asphalt plant equipment and asphalt plant parts, and they also provide in-field services for hot mix asphalt plants such as equipment dismantling, relocation, and installation services. They are 100% family owned, with a strong and true focus on quality products, outstanding service, and great relationships.


Before implementing Cetec, the company did not have an ERP system. The four executives at BROCK used their combined previous experience with varying ERP systems to figure out what features and tools were important to them in an ERP. After researching their options, they decided Cetec was the cloud-based solution that matched what they were looking for. With a practical and straightforward interface and cost-effective pricing, BROCK executives felt that Cetec could handle the day-to-day operations of their growing manufacturing company.

“Before Cetec, process-wise we didn’t have a place where everybody could go day-to-day. Today everybody touches it (uses it in some fashion),” explained Ben Brock, President and CEO of BROCK, LLC. “Our sales team quotes in it, we’re doing credit card sales, engineering is doing Bill of Materials, we’re purchasing POs through it to vendors, warehouse is receiving, shop employees clock into it for all the jobs, etc . . . all of that is done in Cetec. Without that, I think we would be disjointed.”

Implementing an ERP system is not always a smooth process, but BROCK found they were able to implement Cetec smoothly and quickly without any major hiccups. Brock says the Cetec implementation actually exceeded their expectations. With on-site assistance and training, employees were able to get up-and-running on the new software in short order. Now Cetec has become such an integral part of BROCK’s business that without it Brock says they would simply come to a standstill.

With Cetec’s unique features, users are able to look at a large amount of data, including the quote history, cost history, and overall usage of the system. This allows BROCK admins and employees to obtain necessary information to make present and future decisions and work toward their business goals. After using Cetec for just a year, BROCK is growing exponentially and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

“Cetec has given us the ability to grow at a hyper-growth rate. In 2021 our business is growing at a faster pace than any company I’ve seen grow in our industry in the past 30 years. Without Cetec, we just wouldn’t have the ability to do that. Our growth rate wouldn’t happen without Cetec being as good as it is.” -Ben Brock, President & CEO of BROCK, LLC

Brock says Cetec is truly a “game-changer” and he would recommend it to any other type of manufacturing/ distribution company.

We’re so glad we can help customers like BROCK, LLC manage their business in an efficient and cost-effective way!