COO Taylor Wagen Interviews with Technology Pointe

Our COO, Taylor Wagen, recently interviewed with Trae Cobern, a representative from one of our partners, IT support provider Technology Pointe.

In the interview, Taylor discusses what Cetec ERP is and how it benefits small and mid-size manufacturers and distributors, especially in terms of how adopting full-scale cloud ERP helps companies stay ahead of their competition. Taylor also discusses what sets Cetec apart from other ERP providers:

You’ll find a lot of “cloud systems” that are kind of mixing technologies where it’s kind of cloud, it’s kind of modern, and you’ll see that in their licensing model; you’ll see that there are a lot of upfront costs, there’s a lot of recurring costs that you don’t need to have, and we were able to chuck that out the window with our rewrite.

Watch the entire video below:

If you would like to know more about what implementing cloud-based ERP at your company would look like, or if you are interested in Technology Pointe’s IT support for ERP adoption, we are happy to speak with you.