How To Edit Packing Slips

A customer recently asked:

“I cannot seem to find where to edit the packing slip columns. Usually in Order there is Packing Slip(Quick) and I can click on Packing Slip. Please advise on how I can edit packing slip for this user.”

On the invoice/ship screen packing slip is grayed out, meaning you cannot click on it. This confuses people sometimes. In order to click packing slip you must be on the order screen. In addition, the packing slip link is greyed out on the order if there are no lines with ship qty > 0. So you have to set the ship qty before you access the order packing slip. This is where you can edit the packing slip, as well as the order PDF.

In release 4.06 there is a packing slip preview screen on invoices so that after the order has been invoiced you have access to all the column options when printing from the invoice packing slip page.

A lot of people want to edit the packing slip after an order is invoiced so they can format it the way they want to.

Hopefully that helps you to not be confused about where you can edit the packing slip!

How can you edit a packing slip? Check out our easy how-to!

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