Cetec ERP Customer Introduces Mobile Wire Harness Facility

This year, Cetec ERP customer Conexsmart, an aerospace & defense and cable & wire harness manufacturer in Colorado, introduced an exciting new endeavor. The project has been dubbed RAMONA, or the Responsive And Mobile On-Site Assistance.

Inside of RAMONA.

RAMONA is a mobile production unit, capable of assisting on-site for immediate and dedicated response to customer problems. In their own words:

It is common for our customers to submit ECO’s which can add time and cost. By having a way for our team to be on-site at the customer facility, we are removing those factors and can respond immediately to their needs in a situation where being on time is critical to the end-user.

Because their business platform is completely web-native, Conexsmart is able to take it onboard RAMONA for mobile production! This customer is taking their operation to the customer to better meet their timeline and engineering needs. Cetec ERP makes this sort of above-and-beyond customer service possible through modern cloud technology.

If you are interested in modernizing your company’s operations with offerings only made possible by mobile, web-native ERP, contact us today!

Cetec ERP allows customers to take their business mobile, accessing their business platform on any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Modern cloud technology allows your company to venture on industry-leading endeavors such as Conexsmart’s mobile production unit!