Cetec ERP 3.2

Cloud ERP Software Regularly, Remotely Updated

Along with continual remote site maintenance, Cetec ERP releases a software update every several weeks to all of our customers’ environments as part of their monthly subscription to a modern cloud ERP solution. Upgrades and fixes are inspired in-part by customer feedback as well as industry-driven innovation.

The latest release, Cetec ERP 3.2, deploys to beta environments today. Below are all of the exciting improvements included in this version!

New release deployed!

Important New Features

  • Shipping plugin upgrade now available with ShipEngine! The ShipEngine connector provides total access to automated shipping integration between Cetec ERP and most major shipping methods/carriers. Contact sales@cetecerp.com if you are interested and we’ll help walk you through the account setup.
    • The ShipEngine plugin is offered at $0.00 upfront setup and a flat $200/month plan (i.e. the cost of five additional Cetec ERP users).
    • Additional charges include ~2.5 cents per label billed through ShipEngine, see https://www.shipengine.com/pricing/ for full details on all extra charges.
    • International shipping support projected to be available January 2020 in Cetec ERP through ShipEngine.
  • New downpayment invoice and progress billing capability: From a sales order, you may now preemptively invoice the customer and create a “Progress Billing”; these invoices are then deducted from the final invoice. For any progress invoice, you may opt to defer income (most often to a Liabilities > Customer Deposits account) or you may opt to recognize the revenue (i.e. post to a revenue account immediately).
    • Note! This requires three new G/L transaction mappings. Progress invoice transactions will fail if you haven’t first mapped these in Admin » Config Settings » G/L Transaction Settings » Progress Invoice.
  • Part/BOM navigation changes: Sidebar links on Part/BOM records have been decluttered and consolidated into proper sub-menus to increase User Friendliness of Cetec ERP interface! New sub-menus include:
    • BOM Data [+]
    • Price/Cost [+]
    • Sales [+]
    • Purchasing [+]
    • Activity [+]
    • Quality [+]
    • Maintenance [+]
  • Master Labor Plan (Routing) templates! You may now create a template version of a labor plan as a master routing and link other Parts/BOMs to it, so that any change to the master template routing also updates any and all other BOMs’ labor plans that were attached to it.

  • Build Estimate (Available-To-Promise) Includes the option to “honor build defaults” (e.g. Always Build (Make), Skip Build (Buy), or With Top (Phantom) ) in its analysis of lead times and earliest possible work start date.

ERP for manufacturing.

Other New Features

  • After feedback, Production & Production Only roles are now given access to Orders and Invoices by default. Assigning them the Roles ‘Block Quotes’ or ‘Block Invoices’ will remove access to Quotes/Invoices respectively; access to Orders is given if the user has access to either Quotes or Invoices.

  • Add ability to automatically generate work order (finished product) serial numbers upon Commit To Order; this will generate serial numbers for the Qty of item on the work order based on your configured Serial Number scheme/mask.

  • Financial reports enhancement! When running your P&L (income statement) and balance sheet across greater than one year.

  • BOM Overview page now includes a “use cached pricing” option; running the BOM overview with this checked speeds up load time.

  • Add ability to track tax at vendor PO line level in addition to header. Additional tax details/mapping may be added manually and modified at vendor invoice level.

  • Job costing (invoice “cost analysis” report) now supports drill-down through Warehouse Transfer transactions in order/BOM tree.

  • New PQuote Reprice feature! Clicking “Reprice” on the left side-nav menu of any pQuote will update the all pQuotes lines’ unit costs to reflect latest cost price breaks from the pricing engine, and will update all lines’ Dock Dates to today if the previous Dock Date was in the past.

  • Add “Vendor Invoice Date” field to display in Voucher List, AP Details, and Tax (Voucher Detail) reports. Note; you must have config setting “Enable Vendor Invoice Date AP” turned ON in order to leverage this field on an A/P Voucher in Cetec ERP.

  • New Quote Costing Sheet feature. Add ability to see sourcing comments from other Quotes’ BOM Worksheets via ‘View Sourcing’ link.

  • Add ability to view a part’s “Sourcing Comments” via Part » (sidebar) » Purchasing » Sourcing. This will display a history of all sourcing comments that have ever been entered for that part on any quote.

  • Add ability to see sourcing comments from the Order » Create PQuote screen (i.e. when you are buying parts for only one order directly from the order). Column is hidden by default; click +/- columns to show the Sourcing information. Then, click “View Sourcing Comments” on any line to open up the view to see them.

  • Enhancement to Pricing Rules module: you can now specify percentage markup from default resale using keyword schematic of 10m (i.e. 10% markup from base resale).

  • Add A/R Status and A/R Paid On fields to Invoice Details Tax report; enable filtering Tax Report (Invoice Details) by invoice date or by A/R Payment date.

  • Weight field in part Unit of Measure (UOM) are now included in pQuote and PO Pdf documents.
  • Page load speed optimizations to Production » Order List.

As always, the Cetec ERP team is excited to introduce these new features to the platform, continually improving our product, and keeping up with the latest in industry standards so that our customers stay ahead of the game.

If you would like to see how the newest features in Cetec ERP and the overall modern cloud platform can benefit your growing manufacturing or distributing business, begin a free, 30-day trial today!