Cetec ERP Named Vendor Of Choice Among Meaden & Moore Clients

It is an odd thing when technological innovation accelerates so quickly that one can go through the experience of “the ground moving beneath you” more than once in a single career span.

Scott A. Holter of Meaden & Moore, an international business and accounting consultancy, depicts this experience well in his recent blog post “The Cloud Comes To Manufacturing And Distribution Software”.

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Quantum Leaps In Innovation

Holter writes of the quantum leap from file-based systems to like DBA, DOS, BusinessBasic, and IBM to Microsoft-based databases like Visual Basic and Oracle, and other “client/server” models like SAP. At the time, “you never got fired for buying IBM”, and going to SAP was groundbreaking.

Holter goes on to describe some sense of similar tectonic-esque movement happening right now. Currently, “you don’t get fired for buying SAP”. And yet, Holter points out the trend to platforms that leverage newer web-based technologies:

“The trend toward these newer, native-cloud solutions has been remarkable. In the last 4 years, half of Meaden & Moore’s manufacturing and distribution ERP package selection clients have purchased a new-to-us solution. While the proven and mature ERP publishers continue to win with and serve our clients, new competitors like Oracle’s NetSuite, Acumatica, Plex, Adion’s Proshop, ShopTech E2 SHOP, Cetec ERP, and Bizowie were all named the ERP “vendor-of-choice” among our clients in the last couple of years, firsts for us at Meaden & Moore.” - Scott Holter, Meaden & Moore

The Next Frontier: Commoditization & Affordability

A truly web-native manufacturing ERP vendor may end up offering no significant difference in product or service. This is called “commoditization”. This has happened with software everywhere and has defined the digital revolution.

Commodities tend to consolidate. In the ERP market specifically, we believe SMB will be the driver of consolidation for three reasons:

  1. Customization is expensive to maintain;
  2. A standard set of features is less perfect, but vastly less costly;
  3. Standardization can help enforce good practice (properly designed software can be an educator), and knowledge can consolidate too.

Cetec ERP aims to offer the lowest possible cost of software with an aim for standardization and excellence in business process, to the benefit of SMB manufacturers and distributors across the world. Cetec ERP would love to have a short call with a Consultant to target the specific needs of your company. Contact us below!

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