Cetec ERP Release 3.3

You asked, we delivered!

We are always excited to release our regular upgrades to Cetec ERP, but especially so this month as many of the features & fixes in Cetec ERP 3.3 have come directly from feedback we received from users in our ‘Suggest a Feature’ session at the 2019 Cetec ERP User Conference.

Cetec ERP User Conference.

It is always our aim to listen to our customers and to act on their needs as much as we can. We always appreciate your feedback as we strive to constantly improve the Cetec ERP product.

Below are some of the exciting improvements included in this latest release, including some highlights straight from the User Conference:

Major new features:

  • New Voucher multi-select batch payment processing! Previously, A/P payments were processed one vendor at a time; all invoices could be added to one payment for one vendor. In the new release, you may now go to the Voucher List, and select numerous invoices (vouchers) to pay across multiple vendors, select a payment method, G/L payment account, and date, and click Submit. This will create multiple payments (one payment for each vendor you’re paying) and will aggregate every vendor invoice you selected underneath the payment for that vendor.

  • Dock to stock receiving and incoming inspection enhancements. You may now enable a config setting to require incoming inspection logging (Qty Accepted / Qty Rejected) in order to be able to receive against a PO Line. Search for config settings starting with “Dts”. Dock-to-stock will allow you to input a number of days as a threshold for vendors to meet until Incoming Inspections are no longer required for their PO Receipts. If any failure whatsoever is logged for a PO Receipt for that vendor, their counter will reset to zero.

  • New Order “Bill Of Lading” document! You may now print Bills of Lading with order shipment information directly from a sales order; click the Documents tab on the left side-nav menu of a Sales Order and find the Generic Document titled “Bill Of Lading”.

Cetec ERP User Conference Feature Requests!

  • New auto-putaway feature! If you have the configuration setting “Auto Put Away Stock At Receipt” turned ON, the system will look for a Primary Bin value defined on the part record being received, and if one exists, the system will automatically perform a “put away” (bin move) on receipts of that part immediately upon clicking “Receive”. (Note, we do not recommend turning this on if you have any need or value of material traceability, as any part with a Primary Bin will thus collapse receipts into each other upon receiving, thus destroying lot-level traceability and merging individual receipt costs. Instead, we recommend a formal Put Away stocking process with a Random Stock warehousing methodology; if you are required to store multiple receipts of the same part inside the same bin, we recommend utilizing a bin location suffix to denote the unique FIFO lot/receipt to preserve traceability and actual material costing).

  • Production » Orders » WIP Material report may now be filtered by line number.

  • Enhanced flexibility on RMAs. You may now add lines to an RMA with whatever parts/items you’d like, even on RMAs tied to a particular source invoice.

  • Bookings report enhancement; order activity (bookings) now includes Gross Margin (GM) information.

  • Add Smart Search capability to Part Searching in Part Spec Group rule edit field.

  • Open vendor POs report now allows you to search/filter by outsource, non-inventory, and inventory PO lines. Previously, the report only let you filter by outsource and non-inventory lines, but not strictly inventory PO lines.

  • A/R By Customer report now contains the ability to export to PDF.

Other enhancements:

  • Order prepayment screen now allows you to define a date to date the prepayment transaction manually (instead of relying on the real-time date to apply).

  • New system control now exists to block a user from deleting a Vendor record if there is an open vendor Invoice (Voucher) for that vendor.

  • Enhancement to Quote List (view by Lines) search; add Work Start Date filter (accessed via Date Type filter on Quote List).

  • New Prior Year Sales and Last Month Sales metrics have been added to the Customer Sales Overview.

  • There is now an alert on the A/P Check view screen; if you manually enter a check number that has already been used on a non-cancelled check, upon clicking Submit, the system will throw an informational alert (non-blocking) to inform you that this check number has been previously used.

  • New enhancements to the Create WO (Create Work Order) from Order page. Previously, you could consolidate demand for like Parts/BOMs; now you can also breakout that consolidation per Ship Dates specified on the order; to do so, click the Group By Prcpart + Date dropdown select box at the top left of the screen. When grouping by Prcpart+Date, you also get the ability to specify Work Start Date and Ship Date on that page, which will propagate onto the Work Order.

  • Open Vendor POs report now contains ability to filter by date type of Requested Arrival Date.

  • New labor efficiency report: Piece Efficiency (Production » Mgmt » Piece Efficiency). This report showsthe number of pieces completed against labor time logged per employee per day. Thus, employees must log number of pieces in a work segment in order for this report to be valid. The report contains drill down to the View Work report to justify the KPIs. Also, piece efficiency performance may be set against a company wide “pieces per hour” goal; employees over the goal will glow green, employees under the goal will be in red.

  • New part master records are now blocked from being created “on the fly” from a pQuote/PO line add/edit screen if you have the “create_part_from_pquote_disallow” configuration setting turned ON.

  • Quote BOM Worksheets with subassemblies that have labor plans with work instructions will now propagate successfully to their parent when using phantom builds (i.e. the “with top” function).

  • Ability to edit work times from the bottom of the main work order screen has been removed in an effort to increase speed on that page; ability to edit time and add comments on work time segments is now available from the View Work report (Production » Mgmt » View Work).

  • Consolidated invoices now support the ability to be sorted by invoice number (instead of part number or random sort).

  • There is now a new config setting to enforce rounding up to the nearest whole number if and when the ratio of inventory materials being relieved on a partial shipment is a decimal. This is useful if your unit of measure for components is “each” or “units”, and you run into situations where you overpick (due to scrap factors) and subsequently partially ship top-level products.

  • Sales history (Invoice List) may now be searched by Shipment Tracking Number to locate invoice by tracking number.

  • Order line items tagged as “First Article” may now be filtered and reported on in the Sales Order (By Line) report and the Production Order report.

  • There is now an additional “are you sure?” confirm window that pops up upon clicking Create Invoice on the Invoice/Ship screen of a sales order as a double check if you have inventory that is “underpicked” (i.e. not enough material picked to fulfill what the order/BOM is technically saying you need).

  • Work order labor plans generated via consolidation from phantom “with top” build defaults are now fully integrated into the production scheduling engine.

  • When building an item to stock (on a build-to-stock work order), you may now set an “Expires On” date before complete/receiving the finished item. This will register the expiration date onto the internal receipt of finished product in inventory, and the built-in expiration date logic will apply to that receipt/bin.

  • You now have the ability to see “sourcing comments” from the order’s Create pQuote screen (where you see a list of materials you need to buy to fulfill the work order); the column is labeled “Sourcing” and contains links for you to click to “View Sourcing Comments” when you need to.

  • New search filter “Action” on Order Bookings report lets you filter bookings by what type of order activity it is, whether the addition of a new line item to existing order, modification of an existing order, deletion of an existing order line item, or a brand new order.

  • UI enhancements on Checks/Payments vs. Deposits boxes on Bank Reconcile module; they are now one on top of the other, instead of side-by-side and narrow.

  • You may now set a default currency for a vendor; when that vendor is selected, this currency will autopopulate onto the pQuote/PO header for you.


  • Fix issue where vendor part number (cross part) was not auto-populating onto PO Line item if/when PO was generated automatically as “drop ship” PO from linked source Sales Order.

  • Fix Excel Export issues causing Pending exports not to show under my exports.

  • Fix issue where entering vendor part number (cross part) was not properly auto-populating corresponding internal Prcpart number on PQuote line.

  • Fix Date/Time display issue on oder label, order print label, order traceability document to show “real” time.

  • Fix issue with voucher re-open button.

  • Fix situation where order header and footer were not displaying properly on order packing slips.

  • Fix check and payment checkboxes not summarizing totals correctly on bank reconcile page when reconciling foreign currency bank accounts.

  • Fix FIFO Layer (Bin/Receipt) bonus columns not transferring over to new FIFO Layer upon warehouse transfer transaction.

  • Add logic on MRP “add to” function to enforce “Need Date” to auto-populate line item Dock Date (on pQuotes for buying) and Dock Date and Ship Date (i.e. target completion date of build-to-stock work order)

As always, the Cetec ERP team is excited to introduce these new features to the platform, continually improving our product and keeping up with the latest in industry standards so that our customers stay ahead of the game.

If you would like to see how the newest features in Cetec ERP and the overall modern cloud platform can benefit your growing manufacturing or distributing business, begin a free, 30-day trial today!