Cetec ERP Release 3.6

The Cetec ERP team is excited to announce the latest release of our platform, Cetec ERP 3.6, to BETA environments!

Announcing Cetec ERP 3.6!

We take stock of all of the fixes, feature requests from customers, and industry-driven developments and wrap them all into a new and improved version of our platform every several weeks. Then, the update is deployed to all cloud environments remotely by our team. Thus, the beauty of cloud ERP! Read below for a full list of features and fixes included in Cetec ERP 3.6:

Major new features:

  • New Order Scheduling Gantt Chart! See your sales orders and/or work orders scheduled out between order Work Start Date and order Ship Date. Head to Production » Scheduling » Planning Gantt Chart, and click the “View By Production Line” option (if you don’t use “production lines” in Cetec ERP, simply select the (none) option!)

  • Build out of various KPIs (e.g. Sales (Quote, Order, Invoice/Shipment, A/R) and Purchasing (pQuote, PO, Voucher) and summary reports and dashboards to display proper converted currency amounts for users running multiple-currencies.

  • New APIs built out for PaperlessParts machine shop quoting/estimation tool. See paperlessparts.com for more information on this amazing quoting tool for job shops. You can now enter a quote>order from PaperlessParts application and generate the corresponding job and schedule (labor plan based) in Cetec ERP! Contact us for more details if you are interested.

  • New historical inventory report lets you isolate what the breakdown of material / labor / overhead / outsource was within a finished/built product at the time that product was in stock (based on the “As Of Date” entered). See Parts » Reports » BOM Inventory Cost Breakdown.

  • Cetec ERP now publishes the results of automatic Unit Testing performed against software suite anytime a software changes are made. See test result postings in Admin » Maintenance » Test Results. This could possibly be helpful to include in Testing/Validation portfolio for FDA CFR Part 11 Validation requirements (especially for Medical Device and/or Biosciences companies).

  • Enhancements to “related parts” module. Linking parts together as “related” now enables complete/receive of multiple part numbers / receipts from a single work order line item. Useful when your work order yields several different products (e.g. for process manufacturing as opposed to discrete manufacturing).

  • You may now filter major financial reports (trial balance, statement of cash flows, P&L, Balance Sheet, and General Ledger) on LNAME (Location). Note, in Admin, you can set Parent Locations tied to Child Locations; when you use the location filter on financial reports, it will recurse down, so any parent location will show values for the location and it’s children. Locations are assigned to major transactions like shipments, inventory adjustments, and receipts. Note: transactions that do NOT have location assigned include [Currency Reconcile, AP Payment, Check Register, AR Payment, Deposit, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Projection, and Unapplied Cash]

  • New prepayment feature lets you leverage an open Credit Memo to function as a Prepayment against a quote or order (previously, a prepayment necessarily meant you were taking cash through a cash payment, wire, ACH, etc.)

  • New feature lets you default any/all top level serials issued on a work order to inherit the serial number directly and exactly from the serial number of any/all component serials picked on the work order. To enable this behavior, set config setting “Serials - Default Serials To Component Serials If Present” to ‘1’ to turn on.

  • Global Search function now includes ability to smart-search for Tools/Assets.

  • Two new Part > Inv fields: Purchasing MOQ and Purchasing Std Pkg. Previously, there was only MOQ and Std Pkg, and those fields would drive the same behavior against Sales Quotes/Orders and Purchasing pQuotes/POs. Now, you are able to segment those out.

Other enhancements:

  • You may now go to a user profile and specify a user-specific Overhead rate in addition to a user-specific labor rate. A user-specific Overhead rate will override any/all other overhead rates specified. The hierarchy of overhead rate application may now be defined as: 1- user defined; 2- work location (ordline status) defined; 3- warehouse location (LNAME) defined; 4- system-wide.

  • Add ability to create sales order from customer satisfaction case screen to tie order to satisfaction case.

  • Cetec ERP now restricts you from adding a Space at the beginning of a part number or end of a part number.

  • When viewing all outsource POs linked to an order, you can now see which specific order line item the outsource PO is attached to.

  • Part pick screen now displays inventory bin/FIFO level “revision” field to help pickers ensure they are picking the correct rev of the part onto the work order.

  • Part Merge function now includes merging of any/all attached Documents to part being merged.

  • Locked bins may now be factored as representing a shortage (i.e. not truly available material) in Allocation/MRP. To enable this behavior, set “Used locked bin in allocation” to ‘1’ to turn it on.

  • UI revamp of Part Request module; interface now more intuitive and more consistent with other inventory management modules; re-work of Allocation/MRP factoring shortages generated from Part Requests.

  • Updates to Sales » Reports » Sales Overview numbers to make more robust and consistent, specifically open order amounts and bookings amounts.

  • Make Customer Contact field (i.e. “Buyer”) an editable field on invoices.

  • Fix to Consolidated Invoices module causing exclusion of some shipments from consolidated invoice.

  • New option in Quote » Quoting Tools » “Merge” lets you take all lines from a current quote and merge/copy them over to another currently open quote.

  • Add Workflow Priority (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.) to Quote List report.

  • Full UI re-write of drag/drop capabilities on BOM labor plan.

  • Enable scheduling behavior on CHARGE order lines (previously only available on BUILD order lines).

  • Expand behavior of configuration setting that enforces uniqueness of serial numbers to allow exception for when receiving Serial Number against RMA.

  • Add “Entered On” date filtering to new AP Summary reports.

  • Add warning to user before allowing reversion of custom document template to default document template (to avoid accidental loss of custom document formatting!)

  • Build out of CAR capabilities, especially Root Cause Analysis behavior, to better support recursive root causes and sub causes/explanations.

  • Enable HTML customization of Vendor Return PDF form; see Admin » Config Settings » Custom Docs » Vendor Return

  • Breakout Vendor Return packing slip PDF default columns, to prevent Vendor Return PDF defaults from inheriting from order columns; e.g. some boxes were being unchecked that are needed for sales orders, but not needed for vendor returns.

  • From Part Record » Sales History (For Part) » add “adjust GM” and “adjust cost” for sales tied to Ship&Debits (distribution only); also fix Credit Memos not updating “adjust cost” value properly.

  • From Part Record » Orders » add Work Start Date and Ship Date columns.

  • Speed optimization to AR Payment edit screen.

  • Fixed auto-note logging when emailing a quote; note being logged was not honoring returns / linebreaks.

  • Prohibit double-click on Receipt “Put Away” screen; prohibits clicking Merge and Move before pageload is finished processing to avoid unintentional overstatement of inventory quantity.

  • Added Order Ship-To Address to Release To Pick (Move To Pick Queues) report.

  • New ability to attach Notes and Documents to A/R “Deposit” objects.

  • BOM Export now contains column for any components’ Preferred MFG field.

  • Fix on WIP Aging report; totaling was incorrect for BOM Material cost column.

  • Fix display issue with Note Types not displaying if Note format was “boring” instead of Sticky.

  • Editing an Order’s Cost Center now registers an activity change inside the Order Bookings report.

  • Minor PO Edit screen UI enhancements (e.g. Ship To Location) and Outsource PO packing slip updates.

  • Added “Parent Customer” column to customer list.

  • Build Estimate screen “Build Days” field now to be based on BOM Labor Plan (setup + recurring labor time OR Total Labor Estimate and/or any outsource lead times) as opposed to previous static “inflator” field on part record.

  • Fix to backwards finite scheduling allowing Leadtime based schedule entries to overlap; make consistent with Forward scheduling behavior.

  • Added Gross Profit amount to Sales Order report and Order Bookings report.

  • Prevent users with no role permission to create Part Numbers from auto-creating Part Numbers by way of Receiving.

  • If Debit Memo is created from Ship&Debit record, the Debit Memo will now display the source invoice line details (e.g. Part, Quantity, etc.)

  • Customer user-defined fields (i.e. “bonus columns”) may now be reported on in the Customer Order Backlog report.

  • Re-vamp of Build W/ Subs module to account for duplicated parts/components, in addition to keying Qty Avail (and thus Net Qty Need / Order Qty suggestions) to dynamically update down the BOM tree as different Build Qtys are entered. Also, dynamically change Build Days based on Order Qty changes, and auto-update Work Start Date // Ship Date production estimated lead times as a result.

Cetec ERP may perform soft rollouts to your particular instance of Cetec ERP up to 14 days ahead of the LIVE 6/26/2020 release date. If your instance receives a soft rollout, every one of your users will be notified upon login to that instance the next time the login. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests about the new release!

Cetec ERP 3.6 is now available in BETA environments, and will be released to LIVE environments on June 26. Please contact support@cetecerp.com is you and your team have any questions!