Cetec ERP: Replacing Manual with Mass

For contract manufacturing companies built upon efficiency and leanness, there’s a tight list of what components are actually ordered for each individual job. High-mix, low-volume shops maintain an endless number of assembly models, with a particular BOM for each one, and require quick turnaround to seamlessly adapt to clients’ ever-changing needs.

As you reconfigure your production process to meet the requirements of new custom developments, your business-planning software must expedite this meticulous process in a way that is time- and cost-effective, rather than hinder it. Enter Cetec ERP’s new feature, BOM component mass replacement.

Manually replacing BOM components takes massive amounts of time.

Mass Replacement = Massive Time Saver

Let’s say that your company decides to switch from one component, RAW111, to another, RAW112, in the production of ASY123A, ASY123B, and ASY123C, along with several hundred other assemblies, etc. In the past, you would have to navigate to the bill of materials for each assembly page, delete RAW111, and replace it with RAW112. Imagine if you had to also replace RAW222 with RAW221, and so on and so forth. Cetec ERP’s flexible system allows you to mass replace these components in one step, saving you hours of clicking and scrolling.

As of our latest update in Version 2.3, you can simply go to the page for RAW111 and replace it with RAW112 in every BOM on which it appears. This process takes one click, freeing you up to focus on the direction of your business rather than automate-able logistics.

Wire harness / cable assembly and general contract manufacturing companies can forgo these tedious tasks with flexible, integrative cloud ERP software, visible to any user from an open source, web-based platform, throughout your workflow.

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