Cloud ERP: E2 Add-Ons Versus Cetec All-in-One

Few ERP software providers actually provide what most small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies need: flexibility, power, and support. Some do a few things well, but either lack the breadth of features necessary to maintain neat operations, or the power to allow a truly hands-off approach for a busy labor force.

E2’s capacity for material resource planning is sufficient as far as it applies to small, make-to-order job shops. However, there is no MRP system within their structure existent for planning in batch or realtime shortage/allocation reporting. Thus, lateness/shortage prevention is weak, and companies who operate in make-to-stock find themselves in want of a more comprehensive ERP system.

While E2 offers many of the same features that Cetec does, they divvy them out in costly add-on modules that often refuse to integrate seamlessly into the original system. For example, E2’s production scheduling module is notoriously faulty, as well as their accounting program, which E2 sales reps recommend companies not rely on. Cetec ERP offers a robust MRP platform, as well as CRM, accounting, and quality management, all built-in to a single, comprehensive system.

Cost, production, and material traceability within the Cetec system is unparalleled, providing companies, especially in heavily regulated markets, a clean operational structure. Many customers in the medical, military, and food sectors move to Cetec for this particular reason alone.

Cetec’s platform also boasts world-class customer support and training, whereas E2’s reputation for support is weak at best.

Old technology.

The technology behind E2’s offering is the same that powered your cell phone from the 1990’s. Cetec ERP is an entirely modernized system that comes with regularly scheduled upgrades every eight weeks (at no extra cost). This allows us to stay attentive to the changing needs of our customers, and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

By garnering the flexibility, power, and proactive support made possible by modern technology, we are attempting to be the leading low-cost, full-suite ERP software provider.

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