D3 Technologies Introduces Cetec ERP Course Offering

This time last year, Cetec ERP teamed up with consulting company D3 Technologies to bring tailored implementation and ongoing support to Autodesk clients using the Cetec ERP platform. Now, D3 Technologies has introduced a limited-time offering of FREE Cetec ERP training courses!

Cetec ERP Training Courses.

The offering is comprised of several in-depth courses ranging from data maintenance to sales management to purchasing methods and much more. The courses are designed to serve the perspectives of several different roles within the company, benefiting not just admin users but users in many departments! They also serve to inform those who may be considering Cetec ERP as they search for new business solutions.

Courses are available on their site for a limited-time; they are only guaranteed for the next six months. Users can also repeat courses as many times as they wish, and all at no cost.

We hope users take advantage of this incredible opportunity to educate themselves on the Cetec ERP platform and in-turn, improve their business processes! The time spent in training courses could be invaluable to companies using Cetec ERP, especially given that the courses are FREE (normally, training bills at $315/hr).