Deleting Customers: Will I Lose All the Data?

When you’re using Cetec ERP, you may end up with a customer who becomes “inactive” over a certain period of time. You don’t want their info clogging up the system, but you also don’t want to lose all the data you have stored, either. One of our clients recently asked us this question about deleting customers:

“When we delete the customer, do we lose the history with that customer? We have tons of inactive customers in the system that we are looking to “zap”, or delete, but we are concerned if we will lose the history we have with that customer. Is there a way to not lose the history?”

First Things First Cetec ERP never actually “deletes” a customer from the system permanently; we simply inactivate the record, preserve any associated historical data, and allow the customer record ultimately to be recoverable if needed, e.g. if accidentally deleted.

What the Delete Button Actually Does delete_screenshot The delete option will inactivate the searchability regarding all info with the customer, meaning the customer data won’t autofill into search bars or reports. The data on previous reports will stay where it is, however new data won’t be generated for these customers anymore. If you were to want to find one of the deleted customers you would need to go to the customer list and change the search settings to “active: all”.

To Be Clear Deleting a customer does not delete the history, it just makes the customer inactive. That customer will no longer show in the search options, or on the customer dropdown menu. It essentially just stops providing them as an option for orders/reports/searches going forward and will not affect any data from before they were inactivated.

How Can I Control Who Re-Activates a Customer? If you want to set up your Cetec system so that only selected people can re-activate the customer, you can go to this link!

There you will be provided with a detailed explanation of how to set up custom user roles and permissions in your environment, giving you control of who has access to what features, who can approve certain operations, and many more settings to aid in configuring your environment custom for your company.

It’s easy to be worried about deleting customer information, but with Cetec, you don’t need to! The data will always be there for you whenever you need it.