Deny Shipping on Short Picked Order Lines

It may happen from time to time that incomplete order lines are shipped to a customer, escaping your notice. It could be that you picked all parts but one that was still sitting in production, thinking you’d remember to grab it before packing and shipping. Of course, it’s difficult to keep these mental notes in perfect order.

Shipping package.

In order to avoid mistakes like these, Cetec ERP provides a vast array of highly specific rules you can set to your company’s advantage. We call these “config settings.” One such config setting is the ‘Stop Under Pick Invoice.’ Turning this setting on will mean that you cannot process an invoice for any ord line or order that is not fully picked. It will force a double-check on any short lines, instituting a buffer for careless mistakes or oversights that may cost you trouble in the long run.

All config settings are filed under the Admin section of the Cetec site.

Config settings are rules that a company can set for their transactions in the Cetec ERP platform, allowing or denying actions within a certain set of circumstances, predetermined by you and your team to fit your unique needs. Explore all of the config settings available to you in a free trial today!