Did You Know That Cetec ERP Can Help You Provide Proactive Customer Service?

Offering compelling and proactive customer service is one of the most obvious and important ways you can gain a reputation in your industry.

Cetec ERP is designed with exactly this mindset, and includes modern tools to help you with creative ways to stay proactive with customer service.

Imagine if you had a report informing you of real-time status updates on jobs active on the floor, whether they were late, how close they were to finishing and shipping, where they were currently on the floor, and any updates or alerts regarding their activity?

Imagine how that information could be proactively reviewed by customer service to provide ongoing updates to the customer on the status of their orders. Cetec ERP provides just that with our job status reports! See screenshot of this report in the web-based interface below.

Monitor Job Status Reports In The Cloud

Now, imagine that you didn’t have to hire a customer service person to proactively update the customer. What if the customer could login to a portal and review the status of their orders themselves?

Cetec ERP provides just that with our customer portal view to job status! See screenshot of this in action below.

Let Your Customers Monitor Job Status Reports In The Cloud Portal

It is extremely difficult to pull your reputation back from the gutter with bad customer service reviews. Don’t let your company struggle. Let Cetec ERP’s Full Cloud ERP help grow your respect & trustworthiness with all of your customers. Click below to get started on a free trial and start using customer service tools today!

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