Creating Email Notifications For Tool Maintenance

We had a user ask us recently,

“How can I create email notifications to alert a user that the there is an upcoming tool calibration/maintenance?”

This is a great question and an important process to know! To achieve this, go to the tool record of the tool you would like to create email notifications for.

Use the field “Maint User” to designate the user who “owns” the tool.

set user

Once you have set a user they will receive an email notifying them that the maintenance is due.

To adjust how far ahead the user is notified, use the config setting “tool_notify_of_maint_days_ahead” to specify how many days ahead of when maintenance is due the user will be notified.

tool notification

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Cetec ERP can notify users when a tool is due for maintenance. Find out how to set up these notifications and more.