Feature Highlight - Production Scheduling System In Cloud ERP

One of the most useful tools an ERP system offers a company is Order Scheduling. An integrated scheduling system can help you plan your sales backlog out based on leadtime of parts and estimated labor time of manufacturing required to deliver on sales booked. ERP scheduling systems will account for your labor capacity and total hours workable daily.

Cetec ERP has several educational guides to help you set up your own scheduling system at your company.

How-To Production Schedule Setup - This guide will help you take the steps to lay a foundation for your scheduling system, including entering the proper configuration settings and assumptions around your labor capacities and production demand modeling.

How-To Use The Production Scheduling System - This guide walks you through how to use a scheduling system effectively, from tracking whether new work orders coming can be completed in a certain time frame, to pinpointing areas that have available capacity and shuffling jobs accordingly to produce an optimal production schedule for your company.

Scheduling 101 - Scheduling is a broad topic. If you don’t understand the context and assumptions built into your ERP system, using the scheduling system effectively may prove frustrating or impossible. The Scheduling 101 tutorial starts with the basics, and will help build a broader understanding you will need to understand how Production Scheduling is intended to be used and what problems it is intending to solve.

Scheduling Overview Video - This is a short introductory video demo of Scheduling functionality in the cloud ERP system. This is a quick view to what Scheduling can look like in your system once fully set up.

Stay On Top Of Your Shop Floor Schedule

The goal of Scheduling in ERP systems is to help you see and understand your labor capacity and resources and demand against those resources, and plan and respond proactively. Without a system for scheduling, a company can easily be overwhelmed when there is a high flow of orders coming in and become stuck operating reactively instead of proactively. Get your company in the right mindset and contact us to get a free trial and Qualification call of scheduling features in Cloud Manufacturing ERP today!

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