Feature of the Week: Automated UOM Conversion on Receipt

Procurement is a complicated task; though purchasing product from vendors may seem simple, there are situations that give purchasing members unnecessary hurdles. Cetec ERP’s intelligent purchasing tool aims to smooth out all the edges, and with our newest feature we dismiss one of the biggest headaches for your purchasing team.


It happens all the time: your vendor sells their product in a box of widgets, but 1 box equals 30 widgets. Or, your vendor sells their product in liters, but you consume this material in ounces. How does your purchasing team make sure that they are buying the correct unit of measure from your vendor AND it’s received into your warehouse at the correct unit of measure in which you consume it? A manufacturing software solution needs to handle this situation.

With Cetec ERP’s unit of measure conversion tool, you may set up proper units of measure in Cetec (1 foot = 12 inches or 1 box = 30 widgets), so that you may purchase 10 feet of material from your vendor AND it’s automatically converted into 120 inches of material upon receipt. This allows your procurement team to simplify purchasing with their vendors and promote proper product identification and traceability within your warehouse.

Cetec’s ERP is constantly improving and scaling to our customer’s business needs. This sleek, automated feature is a prime example of the constant growth that you need in a cloud ERP software.