Feature of the Week: Customer Portals

Cetec ERP supports customer portals to improve communication between you and your customer while expediting orders within your Cetec environment. Cetec ERP enhances your customer relationship management processes by allowing all quotes, orders, invoices and documentation for a given customer to be easily viewed by your customer without the hassle of constant back-and-forth emails and calls.

Customer phone calls.

With Cetec ERP Customer Portals you can:

  • Increase customer control and satisfaction

  • Make customers feel heard and included and paid attention; present yourself as the vendor who invests in their customers

  • Lower the overhead around customer management

  • Allow the customer to enter their information and requests directly into your ERP

Spend less time juggling customer information on your own, and let our customer portals do it for you.

Cetec ERP helps you to better connect with your customers, with Customer Portals. If you would like to see what customer portals look like in the software, begin a free 30-day trial today!