How could Cetec ERP be used to help MFG operators catch problems?

Recently, a question was posed in “Ask MetaFilter”: How to get manufacturing operators to catch problems?

Many of our customers have asked themselves the same question: does our company have the right check systems in place to sufficiently catch these mistakes?

Product Identification and Traceability are extremely delicate processes to put in place. They can take you several hours of training and still you can have failures due to the ‘Human’ factor. With our fully Web based ERP software you can set up Inspection Points in a few simple steps.

These ‘Inspection Points’ would require the operator to stop work, at points determined by YOU, to do the required checks before the work could proceed to the next step. This would force them to get the necessary quality personnel to check/sign-off that the product is within standards.

Don't Let Human Error Affect You

Manufacturers use Cetec ERP in the cloud as an easy we to take the initiative against Product Identification and Traceability. The system lets you easily set multiple checks at different levels of your choosing. Let Cetec ERP make a faster and easier process for your company.

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