How Cetec Helps You Decide Whether to Build or to Buy

A common question manufacturers often face is whether it is more cost-efficient to contract out your assembly/manufacturing work or bring it in house. When you’re considering an ERP system, the question then becomes, how can ERP help me make this decision in a pinch?

Make the right decisions for your company.

One can imagine how many variables factor into a decision like that (like most business decisions!); not to mention, what is short-term cost-effective versus long-term strategic for your company. Where ERP lends its hand is in gathering data on those variables so that you have better visibility, and are strategizing from an informed perspective.

Utilizing ERP, you could shop around contract MFGs and get pricing; you could do a labor estimate on the processing time if you did it in-house. If you’ve bought it before, you could look at purchasing history in the system; if you’ve built it before, you could look at true build cost / job cost summaries and analyze your own internal cost to build.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have any of that historical data, then you can look forward to what will likely be a learning process as you grow your company! Either way, you are building your company’s way forward so that in each decision you come up against, you are more informed and better prepared.

The Cetec ERP system can help provide you with the data to inform important decisions along the way, to help you run efficiently, make wise decisions for your business, and grow!

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