How Do I Apply Unapplied Cash to An Invoice And Address A Credit Hold Placed On The Customer?

We had a cloud ERP user recently ask:

“I’m helping to get our Accounting team started up with their processes in CETEC. We are struggling to move unapplied cash to a specific Invoice, on an AR Payment. In our AR Payment screen, we are trying to apply the dollar amount in that Unapplied Cash value to that outstanding Invoice balance due. How do we go about doing that?
Additionally, this customer is on a Credit hold, I think it’s because they are a rather large customer ordering large volumes of parts but since our accounting team processes in CETEC were delayed after manufacturing went live, the system thinks they owe us a lot of money and put a credit hold on the account. If this is a config setting, where do I go to manage that feature if my assumption is correct?

As to applying the Unapplied Cash to the Invoice, we recommend:

Open the AR Payment screen…if you check the “Include” box for the specific Unapplied Cash in the list, that amount will appear in the Applied Value field. Then, if you click the “Include” box for that Invoice, the full Invoice amount will appear in the Applied Value field. You’ll want to change the amount in the Applied Value field to the Unapplied Cash value amount so those values agree. At that time you will see the Update button then become active, as the Applied Value now reconciles with the Unapplied Cash amount and the Applied Value frame will now be green. If you Click Update, the screen will refresh. You next will click Payment Complete. When finished, you can click on the Statement link for this Customer to view. That Unapplied Cash will no longer appear and the Invoice will show an Owed amount of that original Invoice amount, less the Unapplied Cash amount that was applied.

As to the Credit Hold, we recommend:

If you look at the Data Maintenance for 9TERMS, the customer has a Terms Code of “Due Upon Receipt” (1), found here (ADMIN » MAINTENANCE » DATA MAINTENANCE ):


…the “Due At Days” is currently set to 7. This customer is going on credit hold because these invoices are older than 7 days. Looks like the Terms Code was at one time set to Net 45 (as seen on a previous statement for that customer). Perhaps a change back to Net 45 will resolve the credit hold issue for this customer.

Certainly let us know if you need further assistance resolving either issue.

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