Cloud Business Cases: What causes G/L Balance, A/P Summary & A/P by Vendor to not reconcile?

We had a cloud ERP user recently ask:

“What did we do that causes our G/L balance, A/P Summary & A/P by Vendor reports to not reconcile at end of month?”

The customer provided information as to the amount the G/L balance differed from the A/P Reports:

The G/L and AP Reports do not equal for end of month:

  • G/L $105,775.20

  • A/P Reports $103,697.22

  • Difference $2,077.98

  • The G/L amount is correct: $105,775.20, the A/P reports are wrong

Difference is equal to:

  • Dynamic Products $950.00, Buildtronics $1,128.00, Rounding -.02

Previously, we made these entries with these results:

  • Make and cancel AP Payment to Buildtronics $1,215.42

  • Make and cancel AP Payment to Dynamic Products $950.00

  • Make AP Payment to Buildtronics $1,128.00

  • The A/P reports should show 0 for Buildtronics, but shows -$1,128.00

  • The A/P reports should show $950.00 for Dynamic Products but show $0.

In looking at the “AP Payment List” (go to Accounting»A/P»A/P Payment List (Pay Vouchers)), we find the following A/P payments need attention:

For Vendor Buildtronics
$ 1,215.42
$ -87.42

                                                                   Total                                                      $ 1,128.00

As with these 2 payments, we frequently find that users will initiate an edit or cancel of an AP Payment, but inadvertently leave an AP payment open/incomplete, realizing this later only in attempting to reconcile AP aging report totals to the Accounts Payable ledger balance (typically at end of month, quarter or year).

When users need to edit or cancel an AP Payment, it is important to make the needed changes to the applicable fields, then complete follow through by clicking the “Mark as Paid” button to close the AP Payment fully.

Different story for the Vendor Dynamic Products… The reason the $950.00 does not appear in the AP reports: In the case of this canceled AP Payment, users must also be sure to zero out all values (AP value, Cash value, & Debit Memo value- if applicable), ensuring that all “Include?” boxes are unchecked, again completing follow through using the “Mark as Paid” button.

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