Introducing Cetec ERP 2.3

Just like your business morphs to fit the house that increased profits, changing markets, and improving equipment build around it, Cetec adapts with you. The adjustability of cloud SaaS ERP means that every eight weeks we come out with exciting upgrades that boost the way you run your business without charging you for constant upgrades or add-on features. The beauty of the cloud is that every update we make is fully available to you at the same low cost of $40/user/month. Here’s the rundown of what’s new with Cetec ERP 2.3:

Building the house.

For starters,

  • Enjoy improved speed, including MRP and Quote Line refresh speed optimizations, as well as the ability to load “list” (report) pages quicker by defaulting to not show results until clicking the ‘Submit’ button
  • Navigate Ontime Shipment report widget and page
  • Sort pick list alphanumerically by part number, rather than the order by which they were entered
  • Allow partial shipment of serialized parts when attempting to ship all picked serials
  • Mass replace BOM components, saving all the time it would take to manually remove and replace individual materials from every BOM on which they are included

For greater detail,

  • Create new order “commercial invoice” document
  • Customize vendor 1099 forms
  • Issue work order finished good serials as blanks by default, to be modified through auto-submission of serial numbers whenever changes/updates occur
  • Edit information on all quote lines at once, specifically warehouse location, cost center, and discounts
  • Base commissions as a percentage against gross profit instead of resale

For streamlined organization,

  • Attach ‘Important Order Tags’ to the customer object, highlighting “tags” on work order paperwork, etc., at both the Part object level and the Customer object level
  • Choose default location on Warehouse->Receipts->Put Away
  • Utilize advanced search options through searching sales history by now-creatable custom quote/order fields and searching by invoice shipment (NOSI) number in Global Search bar at top right
  • Select which specific invoice lines to include on the consolidated invoice PDF document
  • Filter invoice lists by warehouse location and cost center, consolidated invoices by customer PO number or Order number, production order list by order type, and debit memo list by date

Improving communication.

For cohesive connection,

  • Provide non-accounting users with access to customer credit memos through new Credit Memo and Credit Memo Admin User Roles
  • Set default cost center for a specific user profile that auto-populates input on sales quotes and purchasing pQuotes for quotes/Pquotes handled by that specific user
  • Include a ‘From’ notice in workflow assignment emails displaying who assigned the object throughout the workflow assignment
  • Publish comments tracked on purchase orders at the time of receiving the PO on the receiving screen
  • Add Vendor/Reps table to customer to enhance visibility to vendor/rep commissions

Not only are these just some of the updates we have provided in Cetec ERP 2.3, but they are just some of the many that are yet to come as technologies change and capabilities abound. We give our customers unlimited access to all of these updates at the same monthly rate no matter what.

If you are interested in learning more about how Cetec ERP software works and what it can offer your company, we welcome you to try our free, 30-day trial today.