Lead Funneling with Fully-Integrated CRM

As an all-in-one cloud ERP platform, Cetec ERP features a fully-integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module available directly within the system. In addition to avoiding the extra costs of a separate CRM system, you also avoid the hassle and confusion of “gluing” together modules, a requirement for many other clunky ERP platforms.

With fully-integrated CRM, you get a seamless funnel from lead creation to conversion - no repetitive information or gaps in data, and smooth communication between members of your sales team. Within the sales module, users have the ability to create a lead, enter pertinent information such as lead source, lead program, net potential sale, estimated conversion date, and more, and then move the lead through different pre-set stages and user assignments.

To create a lead, users simply navigate to the Lead List through the Sales module, as seen below:

Create a lead.

Then they can activate the lead and enter relevant information about the lead. Below is shown the general information fields on the lead ‘Machines Unlimited’ record. At any point, users can customize their CRM capabilities by adding lead types and lead sources in the Data Maintenance section of Cetec ERP:

Enter general lead information:

Enter lead info.

Add lead source and lead type options via Data Maintenance:

Lead type.

Lead source.

Finally, once the lead’s general information is fleshed out, sales members can track the progress of the lead using lead states: assigning the lead to other sales members through different stages of development. Once the lead has been won, it can be closed and the record converted to a customer (or set as inactive in the case of a lost lead) retaining all the lead information!

Lead states and history.

Lead record available within the customer record upon being converted from lead:

enter image description here

Track your leads (also known as your future happy customers!) with an attention to detail using Cetec ERP’s intuitive lead funnel, available within the fully-integrated CRM module in our low-cost cloud ERP platform.