Optimizing Machine Performance

For those running small manufacturing businesses, cutting back on the margin of error for machine productivity is crucial. Maintenance scheduling, quality control, and communication over production processes are all aspects of your operation that can be honed within a web-based, open source ERP system in order for your business to reach optimal efficiency.

Maintenance scheduling that works with you.

Cetec’s product identification and traceability feature allows you the ability to track a project from the PO of raw materials all the way to the final product. This means you can quickly identify at which point in the production process a part became defective, sharpening your quality control procedures and saving you countless hours of phone calling and emailing between departments attempting to track down the deficiency.

Once the deficiency has been determined and a need for machine maintenance established, Cetec ERP allows you to track maintenance schedules so that your machines are not “off-duty” at the most inopportune times, such as in your busy season or during a particularly taxing project. You can visit our “how-to” tutorial on this feature here.

Using the simple scheduling and tracking features of Cetec’s cloud ERP, you can ensure that your machines are working at top-capacity on a schedule that works for your business, and your products reach the customer in their intended condition. With Cetec ERP, your entire production process is visible to you in one clean, integrated, web-based platform.

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