Wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers operating high-mix, low-volume shops bear the capacity to deliver custom work orders with customer-specified material, as well as the burden of challenges that come with it. These complications include planning production, scheduling stock requirements, and anticipating obstacles. Manufacturers such as these frequently need to outsource work orders to other shops to maintain productivity and quality in their own. Cetec ERP software provides painless outsourcing procedures that keep account of true costs and maintain a tight production schedule.

Simple Steps to Outsourcing

When outsourcing a work order to another location, you want to make sure that 1) the cost of this order is accounted for in the total purchase quote for the original work order, and 2) that everyone in your company knows where the job is and when it’s coming in. When you upload an outsource PO in the ERP cloud, you can link it directly to the work order. This allows you to update the order status for employees to see and to add the cost used for the outsource PO to the order from which it was created.

Production Tracking & Routing

With Cetec’s production tracking software, you can keep account of your total work order timeline by setting up an “outsourcing” specific work location that will then track the production of your outsource PO.

The outsource PO can also be inputted as a step in your production line once the work location has been set up, along with its estimated lead time.

Cetec ERP is the manufacturing software solution that enables your company to take proactive steps in maneuvering the challenges of high-mix, low-volume/wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing. Rather than go back and account for all the steps taken and costs incurred of an outsource PO, let Cetec ERP track them for you as your project develops.

Manage the obstacles of running contract manufacturing business better with Cetec ERP. Check out how simple it is to account for outsourcing in your production process in this video tutorial:

Video: How To Send Parts Out For Outsourcing