How to Create Alerts/Notifiers for Receiving Specific Parts

We had a cloud ERP user recently ask;

Is there a way to create an alert for a part number when it arrives at our dock or it is received in?

The steps to setting up part notifications are very straightforward.

First, go to the part record for the component you would like to receive an email for when a receipt is made.

Next, on the lefthand navigation, click Maint+ and then “Notifications”


Now, select the notification type you would like to make, and input the email address you would like the notification email sent to. Finally, click “Create New Notification” to save and create your new notifier. Note that the notifications can be made warehouse specific depending on the option selected on the dropdown menu.


The notifier is now set up! Below the list of notification settings you will see a section named “Notifications Sent”. This is a log of all the notifications generated for this part record with the notification tool.

Cetec ERP makes it easy to create alerts and notifications. We have the right system and tools to help you succeed!