Rejecting the ERP Industry’s Seedy Pricing Tactics

Eric Berger’s article in ARS Technica details a small press conference in April 2011, where Elon Musk promised to shake up the fundamentals of the space exploration market in doing what other space pioneers refused to: launching the world’s best rockets to the moon, and back, and beyond, to the tune of $55 million per ship (if you don’t know much about aerospace travel, that is mind bogglingly cheap).

SpaceX Rocket.

In an industry so exclusive and so eminent, why not jack up the prices for investors? You’re building rockets for goodness’ sake. You’re providing a service to the United States of America that carries global, eternal implications.

Musk would retort, Because I can do it better for less, which makes us the best.

Or something like that. In fact, what he actually says is this:

“I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking from our competitors that our prices should be higher, but they are not. In fact, I think we’re unique in the launch business in publishing our prices on our website. Whereas other launch providers sort of treat it like a rug bazaar, they’ll charge you what they think you can afford.”

He finishes his comment by invoking Walmart’s famous motto, “We believe in everyday low prices.”

At Cetec, we think the same thing. ERP providers the likes of Netsuite, Oracle, and PLEX offer the highest possible price they can get away with, then discount when they can’t. Cetec doesn’t offer discounts or negotiate price because we already and always offer the lowest possible price for what is the best product in the industry.

Cetec's price comparison with leading ERP software providers.

But let’s forget the product for a second. Even if we were exactly on par with our competitors quality-wise (our product capability and excellent customer service prove we are far and above our rivals), why not go with the transparent provider, who will not scam or manipulate you with underhanded incentives and misleading scare-tactics on the virtues of the ‘big company security’?

We at Cetec will not attempt to convince you with anything other than the benefits of installing an excellent, web-based ERP software that will cost you less monthly than your gas bill.

Berger writes this about an expert’s take on the relevancy of cost in the space exploration field:

Jeff Greason, a new space industry pioneer, said [Musk’s company] SpaceX has made a lasting contribution to the industry through its price transparency. “That’s the biggest impact I think SpaceX has had,” Greason said. “People underestimate the power of a price. Without a price, something is between priceless and worthless.”

We invite you to see how Cetec is changing the game in ERP software through the “power of a price,” and how paying less for a better ERP software can, in fact, be a priceless contribution to your company’s future.

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