The Latest: Cetec 2.4

It’s been eight weeks since our last Cetec ERP software update, which means it’s time for… another one. For free.

Free, fully-integrable software upgrades every two months means that we are constantly adapting to customers’ needs, fixing bugs, and improving functionality, all within the nimble, powerful, web-based SaaS model. Although this month’s bag of update goodies is chock-full, here are just a couple of the improvements from Cetec 2.4 that we are most excited about:

Cloud ERP web-delivered work order travelers:

In Cetec 2.4, our customers will find enhancements to the existing traveler/barcode system. Work order travelers now contain barcodes per individual build operation at work locations in the labor plan. This means that users can now simply scan the barcode next to a build operation, and the system will start work on that work order, at that particular work location, for that particular build operation. In addition to this, users can now easily batch print aggregate travelers.

Barcode on inventory

Because travelers can be updated in the cloud from any web-accessible location, employees can scan to track their work at workstations on the router and update the pick/material list in real-time, from the shop floor or job location!

Real-time management visibility of employee activity in workflows:

Management users now have the ability to view and track all workflow assignments across all various object/transaction workflows. Cetec ERP’s cloud-collaborative tools built seamlessly into your ERP system such as this make it easy to identify when workflows/tasks have been assigned to employees, and provide a simple way for your employees to open a single dashboard and review everything that’s been assigned to them to work on.

Update in real-time on the shop floor

Implementing cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP at your business means continuous upgrades every eight weeks. No complicated add-on modules, no expensive package upgrades. We provide all the new goods at exactly the same monthly price as always, $40/month/user.

If you are interested in learning more about how enormously these small changes can impact your business model, we would love to talk with you. Implementing a new ERP system could be the very best next step for your growing business.

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