The Latest: Cetec ERP 2.9

The Cetec ERP team is thrilled to announce another release of our cloud-based software, Cetec ERP 2.9!

Included in the monthly $40/user subscription fee to Cetec ERP is site maintenance and bi-monthly software updates where we improve current system capabilities, issue bug fixes, and introduce new and exciting features to further enhance users’ experience.

Below are just some of the primary new features in the latest release of Cetec ERP:

Warehouse floor.

  • A/R Summary buckets report may now be calculated against either actual invoice date or Invoice Terms-based Due Date (previously, it was only possible to run A/R summary against invoice date)

  • A new config setting allows users to simply set the Ship Date on internal work orders (i.e. “build to stock” work orders) so that the Dock Date will follow and match automatically every time, reducing the number of clicks!

    • This will only happen for BUILD order transactions with an Internal customer header (e.g. Build To Stock work orders), and only works if you set the Ship Date first. (Dock Date follows Ship Date, not vice versa). Dock Date may still be manually set/overridden
  • Users can now create pQuotes (i.e. vendor RFQs) linked directly from source sales quotes, i.e. to tie your “shopping” and ultimate purchases to a single quote/order. Any pQuotes/POs created from a sales quote will “follow” the quote when the sales quote is converted to a sales order

    • This applies to both normal pQuotes for materials and also outsource pQuotes for subcontractor/labor services

    • Linked pQuotes and Outsource PQuotes will display their corresponding “source” quotes and/or sales orders

  • Users can now require that outsource POs route through the pQuote (and any related pQuotes approvals/processes) stage, instead of going directly to the outsource purchase order

  • Users can now set custom bonus columns (user-defined fields) on a Part to auto-populate onto any quote line item or pQuote line item added for that part

Warehouse floor.

To see the entirety of new features and goodies included in the 2.9 release of Cetec ERP, check out our newsletter here! The latest release will hit Cetec ERP cloud sites on May 24, 2019.

We are always excited to roll out new releases of Cetec ERP. Cloud-based ERP ensures that your system continually grows to meet new challenges, keeps up with modern technology, and responds to problems swiftly. If you would like to see the new release of Cetec ERP 2.9 for yourself, begin a free 30-day trial today!