Use An Auto-Refresh Chrome Extension for Up-to-Date Reporting

We could write a million articles on all the ways Cetec ERP users can utilize web-based business management to their advantage. One such benefit of a true cloud ERP system is the availability of handy tools outside of the Cetec ERP platform such as an auto-refresh Chrome extension.

After downloading an auto-refresh or tab reloader extension from Chrome, users can implement an auto-refresh rule for a tab in which they have open, for instance, their Bookings report. Then—bada boom—you’ve got yourself a report with updated, accurate information whenever you need it. Which would come in extremely handy in the case of Bookings, since that covers any line item changes made to open orders each day!

Page re-loader Chrome extension.

You can easily look up various auto-refresh extension options in your Chrome browser, install, and be on your way to updated reporting today with Cetec’s web-based ERP system!

Web-based ERP enables you to customize your user experience in a way that out-of-the-box legacy platforms simply cannot. Not only do you have a wide variety of mechanisms to tinker with within the platform, but you can also take advantage of browser capabilities, such as auto-refresh, to further enhance your use of the Cetec ERP system.