Using the Date Fields on Vendor Purchase Orders

When it comes to Vendor Purchase Orders, there are a lot of ERP systems out there that will only let you track one single date. That works in some situations. But, in others, one date just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s say you talk to Vendor ABC and they give you their “due date” or “dock date” for a box to arrive on October 19th. So you’re all set for the box to arrive at your receiving dock on the 19th, but then Vendor ABC changes their mind and decides it’s actually not going to get there until November 2nd. You may want the ability to track the initial date as well as the new dock date, just so you can follow exactly how long it’s taking that box to get to you and how reliable Vendor ABC is. With Cetec ERP, instead of just one single date, you have access to multiple date fields that can lead to better tracking of vendor performance and help improve your processes.

On the Cetec ERP system, the following date fields are available on vendor purchase orders:

  • Dock Date
  • Original Dock Date
  • Requested Arrival
  • Promised Ship
  • Need Date

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When using these different date fields, each company can collectively decide how they’re going to use them to best streamline their business practices. Here are some suggestions on how you might want to use these fields to suit your purposes:

  • Dock Date: The most current set dock date or the date you expect to receive the product on your dock.
  • Original Dock Date: The first dock date that was originally set on the PO.
  • Requested Arrival: The date that you requested the item to be on your dock.
  • Promised Ship: This is the promised ship date from the vendor when they would get it on a truck to your warehouse.
  • Need Date: Date needed for orders
  • Estimated Pay Date: The date you’re expecting to have to pay the vendor for what you’re going to buy.

    Cetec ERP is designed to streamline business processes and make working with Vendors an easier task. Our system allows companies to use the Vendor PO date fields to track shipments in the way that makes the most sense for them.