If you picked an ERP for a small/med company completely at random, how likely would you be to find “x” feature or functionality in that randomly selected ERP package?

That’s the goal of this excellent survey of the 50 Most Popular ERP Features written by Adam Bluemner from SoftwareConnect.

In the post, Bluemner breaks out features along the lines of five categories (accounting, operations, sales, human resources, and non-departmental) and lists the likelihood of a given feature within those categories to exist in an SMB ERP platform. If you are shopping for an ERP system for your small/mid-sized business, this survey would be a nice starting point.

One of the strengths of Cetec ERP is the sheer vastness of feature breadth and depth. We offer the richness of feature breadth normally only found in “enterprise caliber” systems like NetSuite or SAP, all in a simple, unified and low-cost $40/user cloud platform.

How does Cetec ERP stack up against the 50 most popular features of any given ERP system? We’ve listed all 50 features below, followed by a YES or NO if it’s included in the core Cetec ERP platform. (Note: if the feature is offered via integration to a third-party app, that will be noted as well!)

  • Purchase order - YES
  • Job costing - YES
  • General ledger - YES
  • Budgeting - YES
  • Bank reconciliation - YES
  • Accounts receivable - YES
  • Accounts payable - YES
  • Multi-currency - YES
  • Fixed assets - YES
  • EFT payments - YES
  • Progress billing - YES
  • Fund accounting - No.
  • Inventory control - YES
  • Receiving - YES
  • Work order management - YES
  • Bill of materials - YES
  • Multi-carrier shipping integration - YES (ShipEngine)
  • Estimating - YES
  • Material requirements planning - YES
  • Project management - YES
  • Warehouse management - YES
  • Field service management - YES
  • Manufacturing execution system - YES
  • CMMS / EAM - YES
  • Dispatching - No.
  • Quality management (manufacturing) - YES
  • Product lifecycle management - YES
  • Fleet management - No.
  • Sales quotes - YES
  • Order entry - YES
  • Invoicing - YES
  • Sales forecasting - YES
  • Contract management - YES
  • Return materials authorization (RMA) - YES
  • Credit card processing interface - YES
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - YES
  • Product configurator - YES
  • eCommerce (shopping cart) - No. (third party APIs available)
  • Point of sale - No. (third party APIs available)
  • Fundraising - No.
  • Time tracking - YES
  • Commission management - YES
  • Payroll Employee records - No. (third party APIs available)
  • Applicant tracking - No. (third party APIs available)
  • Benefits administration - No. (third party APIs available)
  • Business intelligence - YES
  • Document management - YES
  • Business process modeling - No.
  • EDI integration - YES

Cetec ERP Is Simple, Complete, and Affordable

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