What is the Workflow CC List Feature?

Cetec ERP knows that communication is key to success. Tight signaling keeps orders out of limbo and on track. But how do you keep an order’s progress on the whole team’s radar as it moves from department to department? Some workflow stages require a signoff, and you need to alert your supervisor so that they can respond quickly. Likewise, you may want to notify fellow coworkers that a job is landing in their area so that they can get started on their portion of the work.

The answer is to use Cetec’s Workflow CC list feature, which allows instant notification of a user list that a job is ready for action. This list is found on the workflow dropdown menu of quotes, orders, and workorders. It’s used to alert other users when you move a job through workflow stages, so they know to take action.

In the interest of not spamming your inbox, the Workflow CC is designed to email notifications of changed workflow state to all users on the CC list for that job except the user who made the changes, even if that user adds themselves to the CC list for that workorder. However, a user who adds themselves to the CC list will still be CC’d on changes to the workorder stages made by other users.

If you prefer to change this, an admin user will be able to do so. Admin users are able to navigate to the configs settings page and search for Workflow_ to see all objective-specific configuration fields that you can edit or alter. In those fields, you can set a user up to receive an email about every workflow state change for every object of a type.

The Workflow CC list is one of many instruments Cetec ERP provides to help you tackle sloppy communication and tackle work delays. We know all your team needs to keep things running smoothly are the right tools and the right ERP system.