How is Cetec ERP Different?

It’s like Tier II ERP systems (e.g. Epicor, Global Shop, IQMS) serving medium to large manufacturing enterprises, but…                                 … but it’s not written in outdated technology. It’s state of the art modern multi-tenant cloud/SaaS.

… and, it’s way more affordable ($0 upfront, $40/user/month all-in-one, $20/user/month for Shop Floor users).
It’s like NetSuite, but…                                 … but it was designed specifically for manufacturing and production, not just financials. NetSuite is notoriously a bad fit for manufacturing needs.

…and, it’s not so ridiculously expensive. Cetec ERP implementations are ⅕ the cost of NetSuite installs on average, and ¼ the monthly subscription cost. Cetec ERP offers tier 1 level full-suite ERP at commodity level pricing.
It’s like cloud open source ERP systems (ERPNext, Odoo, Open ERP, Open Bravo), but…                                 … but it’s a canned solution, with everything already built into a single platform. No need to involve programmers to attempt to patch everything together to get your software how you need it to work. Cetec ERP is a single unified platform; we don’t “module out” anything on you.

… and, it’s stable, proven, with software architecture built on decades of proof, more than 40 years of business practice, proven in the real world, have ingrained clever design patterns in the software that adapt easily to unpredictable situations.

… and, it’s MUCH easier to implement and use day to day.

… and, it’s designed to run large, mature, sophisticated corporations, not just small mom n pop shops looking for a cheap suite of apps.
It’s like Rootstock & Kenandy on the platform, but…                                 … but it’s not on the platform. You don’t have to patch together Rootstock with Financial Force with Salesforce CRM, and pay hundreds of additional dollars per user per month for every module you add on. You can get all of that already fully integrated, and much, much more, all included in a single platform for only $40/user/month!
It’s like Tier III ERP systems (e.g. E2 ShopTech, Exact Online, JobBoss, etc.), but…                                 … but it’s far more sophisticated, robust, and feature-rich, so you don’t ever have to upgrade as your company grows.

… and, it’s a fully modern cloud SaaS ERP, instead of old, dated 1990s technology

… and, you can get better, faster, more responsive support, fully included in your monthly subscription plan!

… and, Cetec ERP contains a fully integrated suite of built-in accounting and financials!
It’s like the Plex manufacturing cloud, but…                                 … but it doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront! Cetec ERP is $0.00 upfront.

… and, it’s a feasible option for smaller, growing manufacturing companies without the budget for Plex or QAD or other prohibitively expensive manufacturing ERP providers.

… and, it’s geared more powerfully and flexibly for dynamic, high-mix low-volume manufacturing environments and custom manufacturing shops with stringent regulatory and traceability requirements.
It’s like Tier I ERP system (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics), but…                                 … but it’s extraordinarily user friendly and intuitive.

… and, you get immediate, dedicated, personal support, instead of chasing for hours on the phone just to find the right person to talk to.

… and, it’s a fraction of a fraction of the cost.

… and, it’s technologically far more advanced, cloud-native and scaleable, written entirely in state of the art web-based technology.

… and, it’s feasible for small and mid-sized manufacturers on both implementation cost and disruption and ongoing subscription & maintenance fees. The Cetec ERP Saas plan includes everything!