Cloning/Merging Parts in Cetec ERP

Managing parts can be tedious, especially as a contract manufacturer dealing with numerous part numbers and item masters from customers, vendors, and manufacturers. Often, there are situations where you may want to consolidate multiple part records into one, or change an entire part naming scheme without losing the history of those parts. Cetec ERP has the functionality to let you clone and merge parts to make part entry easier.

Cloning parts allows you to copy all of the data and specifications from an existing part into a whole new part record with a different part number. This minimizes data entry and makes it easier to enter a lot of parts at once.

When you are renaming a single part, or a whole batch to redo your part numbering, you can clone the existing parts and then merge them into the new part. When you do this, you keep the entire history of the part including sales, purchasing, and costing. Additionally, active data transfers - so BOMs where that part is used are updated, and existing inventory transfers over (including critical traceability data).

Other use cases include consolidating part records - there are instances where your engineering team has been inconsistent in naming parts and you have two part records for the same part that match in form, fit, and function. Merging is an excellent tool here to help simplify tedious data maintenance.

Having flexible part systems can help streamline your business and make data entry and maintenance easier for your employees. This means less time spent on entering parts and more time spent working on products or selling products.