Cloud-Washing ERP

ERP suppliers are riding the wave of advanced technology, and cloud based ERP is the next step to better ERP. All activity, data, and function is run in the cloud for these ERP providers. Or is it? Advertising full cloud capability is easy, yet when you pull back the curtain, most “Complete Cloud ERP Providers” don’t offer what they display. They Cloud-Wash.

Cloud-Washing is the practice of merging legacy softwares on a cloud platform, while calling it a “Complete Cloud” service. However, true cloud is developed strictly for and in the cloud, which provides a pure Software as a Service. Cloud-Washing is the classic bait-and-switch approach for ERP products, and the receiver of any bait-and-switch is always left with the short straw. Cloud-Washing affects your business in two major ways: growth and cost. You choose a product, expecting it to fully possess the capabilities you require, but you end up committing to a restricting software doesn’t allow for sustainable growth, and the configuration requirements shape your business to the software, not the other way around. On top of creating setbacks for your business, it demands a mountain of server prerequisites, extensive maintenance fees, IT fees, overcharged monthly fees, and costly server updates.

True cloud ERP requires no add-ons or service charges, and it allows your business to scale. Cetec is a fully functional, cloud based ERP. We charge $40/user/month for our product, and implementation is as simple as logging in. At Cetec, our customers don’t pay costly updates, and they are always running on the latest version of the software. We are more reliable and secure than any legacy system, and being on the cloud allows our customers to be fully accessible from anywhere. Cetec offers the full cloud ERP for your business; sign up for a free trial, and see for yourself.