Cloud ERP Improves Customer Contact

In the manufacturing business, sales hinge not just on the product or operations themselves, but your customer service. In order to close on leads and grow your business, you have to keep up with all your contacts punctually, consistently, and personally. Cetec ERP makes it easy to document your customership in a detailed and accessible manner, increasing your efficiency and capacity for more.


Cetec’s fully-integrated, web-based open source ERP system means no duplicate contacts, no messy forms, and easy access to all customer information, all in one place. Detailed customer files kept within the system deliver real-time tracking of customer activity, as well as all shipping and billing information, communication history, project management, quotes, and more. Based on their categorization, customers move through a defined “funnel,” expediting workflow and sales initiatives. Our software even provides set-up for follow-up reminders so that you stay on track with your customers’ needs, available through Exchange, Outlook, and Google apps. Customers can also provide feedback to be stored in their file, providing you insight and opportunity for accurate response.

Cetec ERP greases the wheels for sales teams looking to pursue opportunities with new and established customers by providing all contact information in a simple, accessible, and trackable model. To learn how straightforward our CRM system really is, check out these how-to videos:

How to Create a Customer

How to Manage Customer Contacts