Commodified Cloud ERP

(or, how is Cetec leading the trend toward lower cost cloud ERP?)

Based on everything I have been able to read in a few hours, this product almost seems too good to be true. How can this product be priced so well, offer so many functions, and have good reviews? What makes Cetec ERP different?

We love this question, and we get it often! The answer can be explained in three parts: first, the direction of the software industry as a whole; second, our commitment to leadership in that movement; third, our dedication to better customer support.

Technology has brought about a new era, and ERP hasn’t caught up.

ERP software predates this technological wave which accelerated in the 1990s with the advent of the internet age. Since then, technology has touched everything, from computing to taxis to the service industry, and continues to make everything better and more powerful, and also much more efficient and far less expensive.

The ERP software industry has simply lagged behind that wave.

ERP is traditionally big and bloated, complacent. ERP companies didn’st spend the last 15 years investing in what the latest technology had to offer. They have had no need to do such a thing, because ERP is sticky. Companies that bought heavily into big ERP packages in the 1990s are still running their companies on them today.

Second, we believe that the status quo in the ERP world will dramatically, if eventually, change. ERP systems will commodify along with everything else. What’s different about Cetec ERP is: we are aiming to be a commodity before ERP becomes a commodity.

Cetec ERP was designed expertly and slowly and stably, fully re-architected and re-engineered from another ERP platform that had seen 30+ years of use. Thus, proven.

Think of how much more affordable and better everything is today compared to 10 years ago due to leaps and bounds in technological innovation. Compared to 20 years ago.

There is simply no reason why ERP shouldn’t also be more modern, more efficient, more cost effective, and ultimately more powerful. ERP will eventually go this route, we’re simply trying to be at the forefront of that shift.

So we re-wrote a mature platform from scratch, using everything modern technology has to offer. Translation: LICENSE FREE technology behind the scenes. That’s why Cetec ERP is so inexpensive.

We maintained a commitment to license free technology and a commitment to efficiency. Outside of the ERP world, this is ubiquitous in the tech world at this point. Cetec ERP software is written with the same license free technology stack that enterprise companies like Google, Facebook, etc. use.

We’re unique because our product boasts maturity, proper design, and incredible flexibility, and because of our philosophical commitment to using technology to make things more efficient.

Third, we care about improving small businesses and providing better ERP support.

Behind and beneath our vision for the future of a better, more affordable ERP platform for any sized business, we’re dedicated to world class support. That’s why we have good reviews. We take excellent of our customers.

You can see what’s different about Cetec ERP yourself by signing up for a 30 day free trial of the platform! You’ll notice immediately that the ERP system is friendly and easy to use. Start up the Cetec ERP web-app for your company today.

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