Data Clean Up & ERP Preparation

Should I wait to clean up my data before implementing a new ERP?

This is a concern we get very often from companies approaching an implementation.

Data cleanup is a lot like digging in the yard struggling to uncover a rock, and when you finally do, there’s another rock right underneath it. If you’re leading your company’s cloud ERP implementation project, you might be aware of all of these rocks, one beneath another, from bad process to bad data and beyond.

You may have valid concerns. However, this shouldn’t overwhelm, nor does bad data rule out the prospect of a successful ERP project.

The universal business wisdom on this is that achieving operational stability and continuity has to win out among the goals for an ERP project, even over against data cleanliness.

Tackle the Cetec ERP project with a focus on operational continuity, and this will open up some light at the end of the tunnel to not only deal with your data issues, but deal with them in a better and far more efficient manner. One thing that Cetec ERP’s modern database, a modern enterprise license-free MySQL platform which drives all of Cetec ERP, does is to provide your users with far better ACCESS to your data.

Furthermore, as your service provider, Cetec ERP can work with you to automate the process of data cleanup as well; we have the tools to do that with our modern software programming tools in really powerful ways if necessary.

Implement Cetec ERP to help enforce better process, stability, and efficiency. You might have some bad data, but we’re giving you a new way to look at it and deal with it on a day to day basis. Lean on us to help you plow through the clean up of the data as well.

That’s our recommendation for the quickest and most effective way to accomplish the “overhaul” you so desire for your company. And don’t be scared. Cetec ERP is your full ERP service provider; we’ll take care of your company. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’re very good at it.

Think of your Cetec ERP project as a pick axe. It represents a better way to kick through any number of rocks you might have, visible or invisible, and it’ll do the job better than your attempts to grasp at each rock one after the other.