Document Storage and Management in Cetec ERP

Document storage is among the most important functionalities for a company to utilize in their business processes. Efficient, organized storage allows teams to move faster, ensures accuracy, and improves communication.

Any small or mid-sized manufacturing company that deals with compliance requirements like ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or ISO (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, etc) must have adequate document management and storage processes. In fact, one of the top five reasons companies fail an audit is due to faulty document control.

All the top ERPs for manufacturers will have some sort of document management system included. Document control is provided in the best quality management systems (QMS) as well. However, although many of these ERP and QMS vendors advertise document management, they really mean they’ll provide a link to your local file management system. Managing access and storage is down to you.

Cetec ERP is one of the most trusted ERPs for SMB manufacturers in tightly regulated environments (like medical devices or aerospace and defense) because of its native document management and control. While we can still offer links to documents on local or network drives if preferred, Cetec ERP shines as a true cloud document storage system. This means you don’t have to worry about broken links and losing documents. You and your employees have real-time access to your documents, anywhere and anytime. Additionally, Cetec ERP offers ITAR compliant cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure’s GovCloud.

Cetec ERP makes finding your documents easy. You can link uploaded documents to specific parts, customers, vendors, or even jobs. Each user has a “My Documents” tab where they can upload documents they personally want to access. Or, users can globalize documents to appear throughout the entire system. This helps your whole team stay on the same page. We also offer a list of all documents uploaded into Cetec ERP, located in the Admin section, for increased visibility.

Cetec ERP values your security. In our system, you have the ability to both share documents with and hide them from the users of your choice. No more worrying that important, confidential information is vulnerable to prying eyes.

Cetec ERP also has a document approval workflow that forces new documents to be approved before they are in circulation. These documents are typically related to new revisions of a BOM in the ECO/ECN process, SOPs (standard operating procedures), training documents, or other HR-related documents. This means you won’t have to dread your next audit, and can significantly cut down on your audit prep time. Within minutes an auditor can see that all documentation needed is available and has been approved before circulation.

Cetec ERP’s robust document storage and management system is here to support your company’s communication needs, promote accuracy and visibility, and keep you compliant and ready to handle audits. To learn more about how Document Management works within Cetec ERP, check out this documentation and this How To video.