As of September 2017 we are excited to announce version 2.0 of Cetec ERP! The new release includes a brand new mobile-responsive user interface, the latest in a series of updates from Cetec ERP in our quest to fundamentally change an enterprise software landscape dominated by inefficient, bloated models from the likes of SAP, NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics.

Screenshot of Cetec ERP’s mobile, web-native manufacturing ERP business suite.

Version 2.0 makes ERP even easier to use, a path forward for small and mid-sized businesses aiming to modernize business processes with cloud-based ERP software. Whereas full-suite enterprise capability has been traditionally cost-prohibitive for smaller, more established companies, we are offering an entire ERP platform in an easy-to-use web interface at commodity-level pricing.

“Other ERP companies negotiated pricing with me based on how much they thought they could get me to pay,” FKI USA, Inc. CEO Derek Dooley said. “Cetec ERP offered me a superior product at $0.00 upfront. With today’s technology, I knew there had to be someone out there doing this kind of thing for ERP software - Cetec was the first and only I’ve discovered.”

At $40/user/month, we remain committed to offering ERP software at less than 1% of traditional enterprise pricing models. Our model aims to disrupt the status quo with an all-encompassing approach to ERP - transparent, web-browser-native, and instantaneously deployed. We hope to represent a refreshing alternative for businesses used to dealing with clunky software and dishonest software sales people.

“Cetec ERP is clearly made for manufacturing, and their SaaS pricing model is simple - they saved us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Frontier Oil Tools ERP Project Lead Matthew Cutbirth said. “They’re the $5K Oracle.”

Comparing ERP Pricing Models

Cetec reduces the cost of ERP so dramatically by avoiding what’s normally a high-overhead sales cycle for vendors, by making the implementation process more efficient, and by maximizing value and development speed with a deep bench of industry veterans and elite software architects. With zero bloat and a philosophical commitment to leanness and nimbleness, Cetec ERP is redefining expectations in an industry that’s been dominated by expensive contracts and outdated technology, at a time when older companies are being purchased by investors looking to modernize businesses.

Our Vision For The Future Of Enterprise Software

“Cetec is a powerful, deep and wide reaching ERP suite, all contained in one web app, and at next to no cost - it really surprised me,” Harry Greenhouse, Managing Partner at Ventoux Partners, an East Coast private-equity firm focused on acquiring domestic manufacturing facilities, said. “I think modern technology has finally caught up, and we’re looking at the future of ERP here.”

Disrupting an industry that has resisted change is a daunting objective. Since 2016, and without any marketing initiatives, Cetec has moved more than 50 companies off legacy ERP platforms like Oracle and NetSuite - each company avoiding the $200K up-front fees that are notorious in the ERP market.

With 13 years of operations in the market, Cetec now stands out as the most trusted alternative to business-as-usual in the ERP world.

Cetec ERP Co-Founders Brent Barton and Taylor Wagen

“There’s a reason why more companies are leaving the NetSuites and SAPs of the world for a more practical and modern, more efficient take on ERP technology,” Cetec ERP co-founder Brent Barton said. “Business owners are starting to realize what full-suite ERP solutions can and should look like in the 21st century. Cetec ERP is leading that movement.”

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