Can ERP Be Both Powerful And User Friendly?

After so many years in the ERP industry, we hear a lot of feedback from businesses shopping for the best ERP solutions for their companies. To ensure that potential customers get the right product, we pay close attention to both the criticism and praise that we receive when these consumers receive a demo or take a test-drive of our Cloud ERP software system.

Over time, a common binary emerged from the comments we heard around our web-based platform. One set was thrilled with our intuitive ERP, describing the online platform as very user-friendly and readily flexible. The other group expressed the opposite perspective, that they did not find our product to be simple ERP, that it was too complex and chaotic, that it simply did too much for their users to handle.

How could the same system receive such divisive reactions from businesses looking for online ERP solutions?

A User Friendly ERP To Help You Scale To The Next Level

As we followed up on these conversations, we noticed that frame of reference was a big factor in how a user responded to our cloud-based ERP software. The camp of consumers who found Cetec ERP easy to use often had experience with modern ERP systems. On the other hand, those in the second camp had limited contact with cloud business software and were evaluating Cetec ERP’s advanced business system based on their use of single or limited-function software and web applications.

This provides a powerful reminder that acknowledging the background and tech-savvyness of personnel is important when evaluating ERP solutions to avoid comparing apples to oranges.

At Cetec ERP we’ve created an affordable ERP that experienced business owners confirm as a powerful ERP free of unnecessary complexity. Contact us today and see how our product sets us apart from other SaaS ERP solutions.