How to Avoid an ERP Mismatch for Your Business

When your company reaches the point where you are needing an ERP solution, whether it is your first or a replacement for a system you have outgrown, it is likely that you will want a solution that allows your company to optimize the benefits of ERP system implementation. For some companies, this may mean only reaching out to top ERP vendors, assuming that because these are well-known names that they will know best when it comes to each company’s ERP needs. Often, these companies will put plenty of resources into maintaining their reputation for providing leading ERP software, funding large sales teams who can travel onsite with glossy materials, impressive presentations, and generous expense accounts. However, before making a decision based on early impressions, consider this simple spin on a well known phrase: when it comes to the top ERP systems, you pay for what you get. When weighing all of your options, make sure that you consider that it is the ERP vendor’s customers who eventually carry the costs of their vendor’s sales budget.

On the surface, it may seem like referring to lists of top ERP products will allow you to get expert opinions and save you the trouble of lengthy research. However, whether it’s a general list of the best ERP software or one that specifies the best ERP for manufacturing, best ERP systems for small business, or the ERP system that provides the best manufacturing accounting software, what lists like these cannot measure is whether the system is the best match for YOUR company’s needs. While it is possible to get some customization in ERP systems to help the product suit your company’s processes, even the most modern ERP cannot guarantee to have all the features suited to every company’s expectations. Starting your search by first focusing on your area of expertise– your company’s processes and needs– allows you to best determine the top ERP solutions for you. It may be that you’re looking for mobile ERP solutions with MRP tracking, serial number tracking, and strong inventory accounting software. Your company’s top contenders will likely differ from those of a company seeking an ERP solution that integrates manufacturing scheduling software, tracks MRP bill of materials, and provides high traceability of materials, even if you are both small manufacturing businesses.

Another way to avoid being dazzled by flashy presentations is to remember that the main reason that you are evaluating software and potential vendors is to ensure that you get an ERP system that will perform well for your company. If you need a system that integrates production tracking software, job shop software, and provides lot number tracking, make sure that you not only get a full demo of those specific capabilities, but that you have an opportunity to test them out yourself before committing to a product. At Cetec ERP, we offer ample opportunities to test drive our low cost ERP software, including a 30-day free trial, to help customers make the best choices for their ERP needs.