Export Capability on All Reports

One of the greatest benefits of using modern ERP software is the ability to see all your data in once place. When simply using spreadsheets or software without any reporting mechanism, what good is it to have data on all your sales orders, purchases, inventory, etc. if you can’t interpret it in any meaningful way?

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Cetec ERP allows companies the ability to put their data to good use through extensive reporting capabilities. Report writing comes with the Cetec ERP system and includes searchable, filterable, sortable reports across every major transaction set and “business object” set in the system. Examples are bookings, invoice/shipments, a whole range of financials, etc. To further the usefulness of these tools, we have made every report in Cetec exportable to spreadsheets for further data massaging and tweaking!

Export reports to spreadsheets.

After setting the desired parameters for your report and hitting ‘Submit,’ click ‘Export’ and your populated report will export to spreadsheets. You can access exported reports under ‘My Exports’ in the three-bar icon in the top right corner of your screen.

This means that you not only have access to a wide variety of canned reports in Cetec ERP, but also the ability to do a little custom reporting to suit your company’s specific needs. With spreadsheets capabilities you have the opportunity to share a sheet for live viewing and editing with other team members.

Cetec ERP allows for more collaboration between team members in reviewing and interpreting report data with an export function on every report. Once exported, you can further customize and arrange data in spreadsheets to hone in on and magnify the data points you are most interested in.