If Free ERP Possible For Small Business?

Many small software niches tout a free open source ERP option. Companies quickly realize that, due to the process intensive nature of an ERP system, and due to the technical resources required to host an ERP platform, ERP software will cost something, somewhere, somehow. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The real question is how to launch ERP in the MOST efficient manner.

What is the easiest and best way to do ERP for a growing company? What is most cost effective? Where is the value?

This is where Cetec ERP makes for a compelling option as the secret sauce for cloud ERP for small and medium distributors and manufacturers. The platform is absolutely free to start, completely free of any upfront license or contract.

Cetec ERP is the perfect online ERP product for a startup or any small business with limited ability for capital expense on software. Why?

  1. Staying Ahead Of The Game - Cetec ERP is constantly, actively developed. We are always deploying leading edge solutions to the core platform. Every business strives to be the leader of their industry, and, in doing so, they must be at the forefront of technological advancements. Today’s manufacturing technologies require cloud based systems to run efficiently, and Cetec is one of the only ERP providers that offers a 100% cloud based system. One platform, continuous upgrades, no fear of falling behind.

  2. Inexpensive and Custom - The platform is offered complete and canned, with no need to patch any modules together, nor any technical need to integrate anything at all. It is full featured and ready to go, and offered at a reasonable subscription price small businesses can afford ($40/user/month). However, some small businesses have extremely exacting requirements requiring customization. Fortunately, Cetec ERP offers low cost programming services for customization.

  3. Accounting Made Simple - Quickbooks is a great platform, but it doesn’t integrate with the rest of production. Cetec ERP provides a platform that tracks and drives financials in real time. Our software contains fully integrated, easy to use cloud accounting, backflush accounting, and inventory management in the cloud.

  4. Scalable to Your Growth - Cetec ERP is not built for startups that are going to stay small. Our vast software is completely scalable to the growth of your business. It bends and forms to your future boost in production, and it does not skip a beat as your business expands. Cetec ERP can run mom and pop shops all the way up to global corporations.

  5. User Friendly and Flexible - Cetec ERP is designed to be efficient in every way, and that efficiency begins with the user friendly interface. Our cloud erp software is naturally flexible, and flexibility allows the user to use every space within the software necessary to fill their needs. Train your users on an interface they are used to: the web.

  6. Robust and Deep - We pride ourselves in our ability to support the breadth and depth of any business’ capabilities. User friendly does not denote weakness of features; though our software interface is fresh and user friendly, its breadth and volume allow for any business to fill that space with as much utility for any business needs.

  7. Completely Integrated, No Separate Modules - The Cetec ERP software platform completely integrates every step of production, distribution, accounting, CRM, MRP and much more. There is no hiccup in communication between processes, offering complete transparency between all facets of manufacturing. With Cetec, there is no need to link outside systems with our software because all of your needs are packaged into one fully functional system.

  8. Smooth Data Migration We understand that data is the driving force and lifeblood of any small business. With Cetec ERP, your data is always yours; we serve to smoothly transition your data within the Cetec ERP platform, so your business will not lag behind.

Though making the transition to ERP may seem overwhelming, Cetec offers a fully integrated, cloud ERP that molds to any sector of manufacturing, distribution, or production. Our software promotes efficiency through every facet of production, and our customer support offers a smooth transition for your ERP implementation.