Cloud Hosting Is Now Free With Cetec ERP

Leaps in technology accomplish greater efficiency and more power at less cost. The allure of modernization is a leaner, more affordable model.

This is most readily seen in Cetec ERPs offering of completely free and unlimited data storage and document storage fully included in our innovative cloud SaaS ERP subscription model. Typically, companies spend thousands hosting the software on rickety servers or exorbitantly expensive third-party hosting providers. Cetec ERP offers it entirely for free.

The old model

ERP is the necessary evil facing any company that needs to centralize and streamline and scale. Running a manufacturing business with a single integrated system revolutionizes manufacturers’ capacity for efficient use of resources and forecasting for future success.

However, the oft touted ROI of ERP systems have often been diminished by their absurdly high costs, lengthy and risky implementation times, and slow data migration processes. Complex systems typically have required companies to hire dedicated IT staff and teams of consultants to support bloated and inefficient infrastructure.

The way out

Rather than piling on exorbitant costs to install servers or license software upfront, we offer free cloud hosting for ERP with no upfront cost. Instead of charging fees for periodic updates or data and document storage add-ons, our version of Cloud ERP includes regular system updates, unlimited document storage, and unlimited data storage at no additional cost.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the full benefits of Cloud ERP with none of the residual headaches of the classic, aging ERP model.

The immense value of the Cetec ERP all inclusive SaaS Offering

Cetec ERP is THE low cost leader in the world of online ERP suites for small and mid-sized manufacturing.

We understand that businesses want to ensure that their data is protected and secure in the cloud, so we provide free disaster recovery, free data backups, and free industry standard information security. Cetec ERP knows that the right ERP can revolutionize the effectiveness of SMEs and startups, and has created a low-cost, affordable Cloud ERP that empowers our customers to reach their potential.

Contact Cetec ERP today to find out more about how our Cloud ERP solution can modernize your business and save you money, time, and headaches.