Streamline Default GL Mappings with Account Hierarchy

There are multiple GL account fields you can use on multiple objects to prioritize which accounts are impacted by transactions occurring on those objects. The object you set a default GL account for can impact a broad range of transactions, or a singular transaction like receiving in a PO line.

This blog post will explain the hierarchy in place, how the GL account fields are prioritized when they are set to different objects, the potential uses of this particular feature, and how it can help increase efficiency related to general ledger mappings.

The first thing we need to cover are the different ‘objects’ you can go to that allow you to set a default GL account. The main objects that users tend to define a default GL account, listed by their hierarchy, are:

  • Purchase Order Lines
  • PrcPart record
  • Vendor Record
  • PRC or Product Code

Setting a default GL account on one of these objects allows you to define specific accounts to be used instead of the GL Transaction Mappings in place.

Let’s say you have a specific PrcPart, and you constantly have to change the GL account on the voucher during transactions. You can bypass this manual process by going to that PrcPart record and setting the Default Voucher GL Account under the Accounting Information subsection. Now every time you go to process a voucher that includes that specific PrcPart, the system will automatically pull whatever account you have set in that field as the ‘default GL account’ to use when vouchering.

You can choose to set multiple GL account defaults at the PRC (product code) level that will impact all parts assigned to that PRC code. There is also a Default GL Account field on the vendor record that you can use. This tells the system to use whichever account is set in that field for any transactions associated with that specific vendor.

The final item that has the highest priority in Cetec ERP would be setting the Default GL Account at the line level of your Purchase Orders. This will take precedence over any other Default GL Account setting in place in Cetec ERP, including the default GL Transaction Mappings in place.

Below are examples of where to find these default GL account fields for each object and viewpoints of those accounts.

PRC Level:


Prcpart Record Level:


Vendor Record Level:


Purchase Order Line Level:


Your accounting department can specify certain objects that will impact certain accounts within your system by using these Default GL Account mappings on the respective object. Does your accounting team want parts with the RAW product code to impact certain COS accounts instead of the default account? They would just set those COG accounts on the RAW PRC edit page to their desired accounts, and now transactions related to the RAW PRC code will pull those accounts instead of the default!

Do you have a vendor that performs purely ‘outsourcing’ services for you? Flag that vendor’s record’s Default GL Account to an account associated with outsourcing services, and the system will pull that ‘outsourcing’ account for each transaction for that outsourcing vendor.

This is not a required process within your Cetec ERP system, but these steps allow the accounting team to direct how certain objects impact the general ledger for your company without unnecessary, repetitious manual entries.