Small and mid-sized manufacturers are choosing Cetec ERP instead of NetSuite for web enabled ERP. Why?

Most ERP providers excel in one of two departments: it’s either a great solution for financials and accounting or it’s a great solution for manufacturing and operations.

The cloud ERP platform NetSuite fits within the former category; it is an exceptional solution for accounting and financials in the cloud.

However, most small / mid-sized manufacturing companies that implement NetSuite are obstructed when attempting to move their spreadsheet-based manufacturing control systems into the NetSuite platform. NetSuite’s lack of proficiency for manufacturing processes creates added headaches and costs, reducing the ROI and rate of success for these companies.

While NetSuite is a notoriously poor fit for manufacturing needs, Cetec ERP was designed for manufacturing and production, in addition to integrated cloud inventory, accounting, and financial reporting.

“Cetec ERP implementations are on average 1/5 the cost of NetSuite installs, and 1/4 the monthly subscription cost.”

Cetec ERP has pioneered a new standard for cloud manufacturing ERP software with robust financial accounting fully integrated, empowering our customers to integrate their entire company into one simple, centralized system. Cetec ERP is truly the best of both worlds, the secret sauce for small / medium manufacturers looking for simple ERP, full featured, readily available online.

Not only is Cetec ERP is meant for SMEs, it is PRICED as such. At Cetec ERP we believe in passing along the reduced costs from advances in technology to our customers. As a result, Cetec ERP implementations are on average a fifth of the cost of NetSuite installs, and a quarter of the monthly subscription cost. Cetec ERP offers Tier I level, full-suite ERP at commodity level pricing. This is ERP 2.0 – a leaner, faster, more affordable model, and the future of cloud ERP.