How Cetec ERP Can Help You Smoothly Transition for ERP Success

Implementation costs and timelines are often the first concerns businesses selecting a new ERP system wish to address, whether it’s their first system or a provider change. Even the best ERP systems can lose their luster when companies begin the implementation process, so it’s understandable that teams want to do their homework on how to select and implement an ERP system. One of the benefits of cloud ERP solutions is a reduction in the time and cost to get started. However, ensuring that selection teams conduct a thorough qualification is still very important, as not every online ERP system will be able to deliver on this promise.

At Cetec ERP, we created a flexible SaaS ERP solution that meets the needs of a variety of manufacturing industries, similarly we created sample Launch Packages to help potential customers estimate their implementation price based on the average cost of ERP implementation for other companies similar in size. The actual cost to implement ERP will depend on the amount of data migration, process consulting, training, and development required. At Cetec ERP, we specialize in manufacturing ERP and our in-house consultants provide a la carte expert services to ensure that your company seamlessly transitions to our fully integrated, web-enabled ERP solution. Whether it’s training small teams how to use ERP more effectively or providing onsite support the week that you go live, Cetec ERP is there to help your business succeed. Contact us at Cetec ERP today to learn more about how our low-cost ERP software can help your company achieve your goals.